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How to cut curly/wavy hair

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How to Cut Curly/Wavy Hair: A Comprehensive Guide for Perfect Results

Cutting curly or wavy hair requires specific techniques and knowledge to achieve the desired results. This guide on how to cut curly/wavy hair provides step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks to make the process easier and ensure beautiful, well-defined curls or waves. Whether you're a professional stylist or a DIY enthusiast, this resource is designed to help you achieve salon-quality results at home.

Benefits of How to Cut Curly/Wavy Hair:

  1. Professional Guidance:

    • Clear instructions and detailed demonstrations guide you through the entire process.
    • Save money by learning to cut your own hair or improve your skills as a stylist.
  2. Customized Haircuts:

    • Understand the unique characteristics of curly/wavy hair and how to tailor the cut to enhance its natural texture.
    • Achieve personalized haircuts that suit your face shape and personal style.
  3. Enhanced Hair Health:

    • Learn proper techniques to minimize damage and breakage during the cutting process.
    • Maintain the integrity of your hair's natural curl pattern or wave formation.
  4. Versatile Styling Options:

    • Discover various cutting techniques to achieve different looks, including layers, bangs,
Hey there, fabulous curly-haired folks! Are you tired of battling with frizzy, unruly curls that seem to have a mind of their own? We feel you! But fear not, because we've got some recommendations on how to cut short frizzy naturally curly hair that will have you rockin' those curls with confidence in no time! 1. Embrace the Curly Girl Method: If you haven't heard of the Curly Girl Method, it's time to jump on board! This curly hair revolution emphasizes using sulfate-free products, ditching the brush, and embracing your natural curl pattern. By following this method, you can significantly reduce frizz and enhance your curls' natural beauty. So, grab those curly hair products and get ready to join the curly hair club! 2. Find a Curly Hair Specialist: When it comes to cutting short frizzy naturally curly hair, it's important to find a stylist who knows their way around curls. Look for someone experienced in cutting curly hair to ensure you get a haircut that suits your unique curl pattern. A skilled curly hair specialist will know how to shape your hair to minimize frizz and maximize bounce. Trust us, your curls will thank you! 3. Opt for Layers: Layers are your secret weapon against frizz

How to cut extra curly hair

Testimonial 1: Name: Sarah Johnson Age: 28 City: New York City I cannot express how grateful I am to have stumbled upon the "how to cut extra curly hair" guide! As someone with extremely curly hair, finding the right technique to tame my locks has always been a challenge. But this guide has been an absolute game-changer! The step-by-step instructions are so easy to follow, and the tips and tricks included are simply genius. Now, I not only know how to cut my extra curly hair, but I also feel like a pro hairstylist while doing it! Thank you for giving me the confidence to take matters into my own hands and achieve the perfect curly hairstyle I've always dreamt of! Testimonial 2: Name: Michael Anderson Age: 35 City: Los Angeles Wow! Just wow! I have been struggling for years to find a solution to my unruly curly hair. I've tried countless hair salons, spent a fortune on professional stylists, but nothing seemed to work. That is until I discovered the "how to cut extra curly hair" guide. This guide is an absolute gem! It not only teaches you the proper techniques to cut curly hair but also provides valuable insights into

What is the best way to cut curly wavy hair?

  1. Cut hair when it is dry!
  2. Cut curly hair after it has been washed, dried and detangled.
  3. Cut curly hair down the middle for an even and balanced haircut.
  4. Maintain an even hair length all the way around the head (instead of cutting into layers) to liberate curls from the root and ensure that hair grows evenly.

Should wavy curly hair be cut wet or dry?

So, if you're interested in trying out a dry cut but you have a lot of damage, you may want to start by getting a wet cut first, then opt for a dry cut once your curls are healthier.

What is a good haircut for curly wavy hair?

What Haircut Looks Best on Wavy Hair?
  • Asymmetrical Bob. This super chic haircut plays with angles by flaunting strands that are longer on one side.
  • Cheek-Length Bob.
  • Long Bob (Lob)
  • Choppy Lob.
  • Bob With Micro Bangs.
  • Inverted Side Part Bob.
  • Angled Lob.
  • Pixie Cut.

Should wavy hair be cut in layers?

Firstly, wavy cuts often include layers to add volume and definition to the waves. These layers remove weight, which makes it easier to style, leading to more definition.

Will cutting my wavy hair make it curlier?

Hear this out loudPauseYou might have heard from other curly girls that their hair became even curlier right after cutting it. While the reality is that a haircut is not going to change the way your hair grows out of your head, there are quite a few ways a haircut can enhance the way your hair curls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my hair from wavy to curly?

How to Make Wavy Hair Curlier
  1. 1 Use a curl-enhancing product after showering.
  2. 2 Scrunch products into your hair.
  3. 3 Define your curls with a Denman brush.
  4. 4 Try finger coiling to encourage curls.
  5. 5 Plop your hair as it dries.
  6. 6 Use a lightweight conditioner.
  7. 7 Try a hair mask once a week.

Do layers make wavy hair curlier?

Hear this out loudPauseDo Layers Enhance Curls. Curly hair layers are a great way to define and enhance all curl types – coils, waves, ringlets, etc. Layered hair allows curls to gain movement and retain bounce. Adding layers to naturally curl hair can promote definition, add texture, and help shape your hair.

Which layer cut is best for curly hair?

Hear this out loudPauseFor long curly layered hair, we recommend that short layers are cut under longer ones. The reason for this is that this cut will add more volume to the top and avoid the triangle type of look we mentioned earlier.

Is there a special cut for curly hair?

Hear this out loudPauseThe Rëzo Cut, created by curly hair expert Nubia Suarez, is a curl cutting technique designed to give you the best looking curls possible with optimized volume, texture and shine. Unlike other cuts that sacrifice either length or volume (but not both!), the Rezo Cut achieves both for gorgeous ringlets every time.

When do i cut my wavy hair to make it curly

It's possible but it also depends on your hair. Generally shorter hair weighs less so it CAN curl more tightly than longer hair, but some people 

How do I encourage my hair to curl?

10 Ways To Style Natural Curly Hair
  1. Twist wet hair with a towel instead of rubbing all over.
  2. Go easy with your hairbrush or try a wide-toothed comb.
  3. Ask for a 'feathered' cut at the hairdressers.
  4. Swap your hair serum for a curl creme.
  5. Use a diffuser on your hairdryer.
  6. Avoid anti-frizz products.


What haircut helps curls?
Shoulder Cut If you have thicker or denser curls, the shoulder cut will allow your locks to beautifully frame the face. Keep it simple without any bangs or fringes and ensure each curl is well trimmed so it doesn't sit on the one below it. This keeps your curls looking defined which is key to acing this look.
How do you cut your hair to enhance waves?
Typically two-step layers are the most popular choice as this offers movement and shaped volume. It's a cut that's best suited for thick, wavy hair types and results in an edgy bouncy look with distinguished levels. The widely spaced layers are clearly visible and look amazing even when straightened.
How do you encourage curls in fine hair?
Spritz a curl-boosting spray onto damp strands (we love Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray to give it texture and grip, then give it a rough blow-dry with your hands. Before you tango with your hot tools, it's always a good idea to use a heat-protectant spray so you don't fry your strands.
What to do when your natural hair won't curl?
We hope it helps!
  1. Check your hair for product buildup.
  2. Try deep conditioning to bring back the moisture that your curls need.
  3. Get a curl cut from a curl specialist.
  4. Go all out and try the Curly Girl Method.
  5. Cut down how much your hair is processed...
  6. 6. ... and if you can't give it up altogether, change your heat habits.
How do hairdressers cut curly hair?
Curly hair needs layers to move. Cutting vertical layers, and then going back in and cutting individual curls to break it up and give the hair some movement is best. This technique breaks up the layering, so the hair doesn't have any strong or hard lines in it.
What to tell a stylist when cutting curly hair?
Here's What to Tell Your Stylist to Avoid a Bad Curly Haircut
  1. Find styles That Fit Your Texture.
  2. Scope Out Your Stylist's Social Media.
  3. Chat Before the Chop.
  4. Choose a Dry Cut.
  5. Secure Some Styling Secrets for Yourself.
  6. Come Back If Your Coif Isn't Cut to Your Liking.

How to cut curly/wavy hair

What is the difference between a curly cut and a regular cut? Unlike a standard haircut done on straightened or blown-out hair, a curly cut is done on unmanipulated natural hair. This technique can “improve the natural beauty of curls by creating balance, enhancing volume, and adding definition while diminishing frizz,” says Dazy Lyn, hairstylist and owner of Dazy Lyn Studio.
Do hairdressers cut curly hair dry? Lots of curl specialist hairdressers will cut your hair dry. So arriving with your curls thoroughly dry will allow them to see your curl pattern better, and enable them to start cutting without having the diffuse first.
Is it better to cut curly hair dry or wet? Curl patterns often look very different when wet but can be more easily combed when wet. If this is the case, cut curly hair for more drastic cuts when wet and polish up the cut while dry. Face framing or adding bangs may be done more easily on dry hair to determine where the individual curls will lay.
What not to do when cutting curly hair? Don't cut curly hair with any product in it. Don't cut curly hair to the side the client wears it on. Instead, cutting curly hair down the middle will result in a versatile hairstyle that can be parted on either side, while still maintaining an even hair length. A razor should never be used to cut curls.
Should curly hair be layered? Embracing layers can enhance your natural curls, reduce bulk and weight, and make your hair more manageable. Moreover, layered cuts add volume, create a stylish look, and reduce frizz, all while promoting the overall health of your due to the shorter lengths that will be regularly shaped.
Is curly hair harder to cut? It's not necessarily that curly hair is more difficult to deal with than straight hair, but it does take time for stylists to get used to doing a haircut for curly hair and mastering these cutting techniques, so going to a salon where you can find someone who will treat your curls properly is your best bet.
  • Why curly hair must be cut differently?
    • When curly hair is layered using traditional cutting methods the result is often unflattering, creating a heavy shelf in the hair, resembling the silhouette of a jellyfish. The amount of disconnection correlates to the tightness of curl, length of layers, hair density and how much it recoils.
  • How to cut hair to encourage curl
    • Jul 14, 2022 — Don't add tension when cutting curly hair. Don't cut curls when they're wet. Don't texturize curly hair when cutting. Don't cut curly hair with 
  • How should naturally curly hair be cut?
    • Our experts agree that most curl types should be cut on an angle. For tight curls, uneven layering works best. Make certain your cut doesn't flatten your crown. To avoid a flat top, try a short layer under a longer layer to pump up the volume.
  • Should naturally curly hair be cut in layers?
    • A: Absolutely! Even with shorter curly hair, you can have layers that add movement and shape to your client's style. Consult with your client to determine the best layering technique for their hair length and texture.
  • Should naturally curly hair be cut wet or dry?
    • Dry It is best to cut curly hair in its natural and dry state. Cut curly hair after it has been washed, dried and detangled. Cut curly hair down the middle for an even and balanced haircut.
  • Are you supposed to point cut curly hair?
    • You should never point cut curly hair! Why? Remember this about curly hair, "the ends need friends." If you point cut naturally curly hair will take the weight away, the hair will expand more and it's going to get frizzy. Instead of point cutting, take your section and elevate away from the head.

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