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How to cut mens hair for beginners

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How to Cut Men's Hair for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a beginner looking to learn the art of cutting men's hair? Look no further! This comprehensive guide on "How to Cut Men's Hair for Beginners" is tailored to help you master the basics, gain confidence, and achieve professional-looking results. Whether you're a stylist-in-training or simply want to save some money on haircuts, this guide has got you covered!

I. Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Gathering the Essential Tools:

    • Clippers
    • Scissors
    • Comb
    • Mirror
    • Cape or towel
  2. Preparing the Hair:

    • Shampoo and condition
    • Towel dry and comb
  3. Choosing the Right Haircut:

    • Classic short back and sides
    • Long and layered
    • Buzz cut
    • Undercut
    • And more!
  4. Basic Techniques:

    • Clipper over comb
    • Scissor over comb
    • Tapering
    • Blending
  5. Step-by-Step Haircut Process:

    • Front hairline
    • Sides and back
    • Crown area
    • Top section

II. Trou

Pinch the hair between your index and middle finger, and slide your fingers up or down to the length you want. Leave the hair below your fingers on his head, and trim the hair above your fingers away. Snip the hair at a 45-degree angle with haircutting scissors so it won't look blunt or uneven.

Is it better to cut men's hair wet or dry?

Anything wet is hard for the razor to get through and it will ruin your clippers,” Capizzano explains. If you're a beginner and cutting your hair with scissors and a comb or your fingers, however, the pro recommends doing it while hair is wet because it'll be easier to work with. “Wet hair is moldable.

What are 4 basic haircutting techniques?

Did You Know That There Are Four Basic Haircuts?
  • The 0-degree haircut, which is also known as the “blunt” or “bob”.
  • The 45-degree haircut, better known as the “wedge”.
  • The 90-degree haircut, called the super popular “layered” haircut.
  • The 180-degree haircut, known as the “shag”.

Is a 3 or 4 shorter haircut?

The clipper guard AKA haircut number refers to the length of hair that is left after the clipper has been used, with each number representing one eighth of an inch of hair. This means that the lower the number, the shorter the hair, and vice versa.

What is a basic mens haircut called?

The style is also known by other names including taper cut, regular taper cut, side-part and standard haircut; as well as short back and sides, business-man cut and professional cut, subject to varying national, regional, and local interpretations of the specific taper for the back and sides.

Can I teach myself to cut hair?

Learning to cut hair is an art, and there are two ways to learn this art. You either opt for self-learning or a barber school. But we recommend the self-teaching option, and this article will list down all the reasons you should opt for self-teaching rather than attending barber school.

How long does it take to learn cutting hair?

How Long is Barber School? Barber school typically requires 1,500 hours, which takes about 10 months to complete. Students in these barbering programs take coursework in theory and receive hands-on training in hair-cutting techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to cut your own hair?

“People can cut their own hair,” Angelo says, “as long as the end goal isn't a perfect, crisp, polished look.” In short, feel free to keep those scissors handy when you need a quick styling touch-up. But when your hair needs a serious length-and-shape's time to call a pro stylist!

Can barbers make 100k a year?

What is your time worth? Think about it less as charging per haircut and more charging for your time and specialties. To reach $100k working a standard 40-hour work week, you will need to be making $50 per hour. If you are charging $25 per haircut, that means you need to be doing two haircuts every hour.

How do barbers practice cutting hair?

And begin to. Practice. Using the hair fibers allows you to practice on any type of hairline.

How hard is it to learn how do you cut hair?

Everyone can learn how to cut hair, but each course is different when it comes to its price and difficulty level. Aside from its easy accessibility, cutting hair is not a time-consuming task or skill that will take way too much of your spare time. Most barber schools will take 1-6 months to finish.

How long can I learn barbering?

Many barber college courses can take as much as 1 to 2 years. But some allow you to get through them in as little as 10 months. You can find these courses at a barber school that offers you all the information you need.

What are some tips for beginner barbers?

Tips for Beginner Barbers on Building a Client Base
  • Offer quality haircuts. This is the most important thing you can do to attract new customers and keep them coming back.
  • Be friendly and approachable.
  • Be professional.
  • Network with other barbers.
  • Use social media.

What do I tell my barber when cutting my hair?

A brief description of the basic overall style you are looking for. Any specific details you can give about: The length of hair you want on top, side, back of head. The type of gradient you want to achieve e.g., Fade or Taper.

What are the basics of cutting hair?

1. The Foundations of Hair Cutting
  • Elevation: Controlling the Vertical Movement of Hair.
  • Over-Direction: Controlling the Horizontal Movement of Hair.
  • Finger Angle: Creating Depth Within a Haircut.
  • Sectioning: How To Section Hair with Precision and Accuracy.
  • Tension: How To Maintain Tension When Cutting Hair.


Can men learn to cut their own hair?
Cutting your own hair doesn't have to be difficult, and even if you mess something up, don't panic because it will grow back. Keep practicing, and you might be giving yourself better haircuts than your barber.
Is it hard to learn how do you cut men's hair?
Cutting men's hair at home is a valuable skill that can easily be mastered. So long as you pay attention and take your time, you'll be able to achieve any look they desire at home!
Is cutting your hair healthy men?
Regular haircuts can prevent various hair problems. Trimming split ends keeps them from traveling up the hair shaft and causing further damage. Removing damaged ends minimizes the risk of breakage, frizz, and tangling.
Can you be a self taught barber?
An apprentice barber license is required to cut hair in the United States. This can be obtained by enrolling in a local barber school. Self-taught barbers may practice and train, but eventually, they will need to complete an apprenticeship in order to obtain a license.
Do barbers know how do you cut hair?
Typically, barbers are trained to cut shorter more traditional hairstyles with clippers, while salon stylists are trained to cut longer, fuller men's styles with scissors. A barber's primary focus is cutting men's hair.
How long is training for cutting hair?
In further detail, certification for becoming a barber is completed on average in about 9 to 12 months. You'll start with the basics, general information, and safety and sanitation, then later move onto more advanced techniques of shaving, hair coloring and cutting as you progress through your chosen barbering program.
How do you cut men's hair with clippers for beginners?
And work your way up to the occipital bone or the line where the head begins to curve. Use a scooping motion to pull the clippers. Away don't go too high as we need to leave room for blending.
How do you cut short hair for boys?
Make sure to keep the fingers. Vertical. You can see a little bit of the clipped hair below and the longer hair above it hold the scissors vertically. And cut the longer hair off to get smooth.

How to cut mens hair for beginners

Is it good to cut your hair short for men? Shorter haircuts not only make your hair look fuller, and but they make you look more in control of your hair. Longer hair is also prone to damage, split ends, tangles, and dryness. Overall, a clean cut for men is the way to go if you want hair that's low-maintenance, adaptable, and less prone to damage.
How do I tell my barber to cut my hair short? Examples of What to Ask For a Haircut For a short, classic style: “I would like a short back and sides with a little length on top, tapered at the back and sides with a #2 clipper guard. Leave about two inches on top for a bit of styling.”
What do barbers use to cut? Clippers Whereas hairdressers primarily use scissors, barbers typically cut the majority of hair with clippers. However, scissor are still the most fundamental tool used in barbering.
Is $30 too much for a haircut? The average cost of a men's haircut in the US is $30, according to beardoholic, but it can vary widely based on things like location, experience level and services provided.
What do I need to start cutting hair? Getting Specific about Tools
  1. Hair clippers and guard.
  2. Haircutting shears.
  3. Hair brush.
  4. Shaving razor.
  5. Straight razor.
  6. Comb.
  7. Spatula.
Is a $5 dollar tip good for haircut? If someone assisted your stylist, it is acceptable to tip them anywhere from $5 to $20 depending on how involved they were. Looking to book an appointment with a hairdresser that is sure to give you a style worthy of an amazing tip? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.
Why do barbers use 2 clippers? I use two sets of clippers: One for thinner and longer hair, and the other one is my “lawnmower”. Some of the busier barbers also have two of each clipper on their station so that one can be recharging while they are using the other one.
How should a man cut his hair? Use a scooping motion to pull the clippers. Away don't go too high as we need to leave room for blending. Keep the consistent technique all the way around the head and when you reach the sides try to
  • How do you cut men's hair with clippers short back and sides?
    • It. So we get to the occipital Ridge. And just carry on gliding up from there. I'm going to use that technique all the way across this big section at the back.
  • What are the different cutting techniques for men's hair cutting?
    • 5 Cutting Techniques for Almost Any Haircut
      • Blunt Cutting. The most widely used technique, blunt cutting, is a classic approach where the hair falls into clean lines and classic shapes.
      • Point Cutting. This technique adds texture and movement to the ends.
      • Reverse Point Cutting.
      • Soft Notching.
      • Weight Reduction.
  • What do barbers use to cut mens hair?
    • Whereas hairdressers primarily use scissors, barbers typically cut the majority of hair with clippers. However, scissor are still the most fundamental tool used in barbering.
  • How to practice cutting men's hair?
    • Use a doll, wig, or mannequin head for practice. Try out your hair cutting skills on a fake head of hair before you give anyone a real haircut. Make your dolls, wigs, or mannequin heads last longer by giving your practice models trims and long haircuts at first.
  • How long does it take to learn how do you cut men's hair?
    • Your actual training to cut hair will take place once a week at a local college over 2 or more years. At the shop, you will start cutting hair at earliest in 6 months, but sometimes it could be slower.
  • How do you cut hair with scissors?
    • Remember to keep your scissors. And comb moving continuously to avoid creating steps in the haircut. Follow. The natural shape of the head.
  • How do you cut men's hair with scissors over a comb?
    • And you can start scoop. Up the hair. And just start working slowly up the head shape. And cutting to your desired.

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