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How to do goth eyeliner

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How to Do Goth Eyeliner: Achieve the Perfect Dark and Dramatic Look

If you're looking to master the art of goth eyeliner, you've come to the right place! In this guide, we will take you through step-by-step instructions to help you achieve that dark and dramatic look that defines goth makeup. Whether you're new to the goth aesthetic or simply want to enhance your eyeliner skills, this tutorial will provide all the information you need.

Benefits of How to Do Goth Eyeliner:

  1. Express Your Individuality: Goth eyeliner allows you to showcase your unique style and personality, making a bold statement.
  2. Enhance Your Eyes: Dark, intense eyeliner can help accentuate your eyes, making them appear more alluring and captivating.
  3. Create a Dramatic Look: Goth eyeliner adds depth and intensity to your overall makeup, perfect for special occasions or when you want to make an impact.
  4. Versatility: Goth eyeliner can be adapted to suit various styles, from subtle and elegant to bold and daring, making it suitable for different events and moods.
  5. Embrace Creativity: Experimenting with different techniques and designs enables you to unleash your creativity and explore new makeup
To make a thick winged liner, use an eyeliner in black or another dark color and ensure that the lower rim is a broad line. For added drama, you can also add artificial eyelashes and mascara. Pair with a nude lipstick or dramatic lip color to complete the gothic effect.

How to do goth makeup step by step?

How to Get a Goth Makeup Look
  1. Create a Matte Face Base.
  2. Build Definition With Bronzer and Highlight.
  3. Create a Smoky Eye.
  4. Finish Your Eye Makeup.
  5. Define Your Brows.
  6. Add a Dark Lipstick.

How to do emo eyeliner?

And once you're done with that you're going to take your eyelid. And you're just kind of kind of like wanted to fall at the top of your eyelid. With the eyeliner. And that's pretty much.

How to make a smokey eye goth?

Blend black eyeshadow into your crease to create a smokey eye effect. Then, line the top and bottom of your eyes with a Kajal pencil. Finish off your goth look by applying an even layer of black or dark red lipstick.

Why do Goths wear eyeliner?

The purpose of goth eyeliner is to create a more dramatic appearance.

How do you apply goth eye makeup?

After you've coated your lid, use a fluffy eye shadow brush to slightly blend the color into your crease, getting rid of any harsh lines. Then, use a flat eyeshadow brush to pack the medium gray shimmer shade on your eyelids, gradually building up the color slightly beneath the dark gray shade.

How to do emo girl eyeliner?

This line will eventually be meeting the lower line that we'll be applying on the bottom. Okay and now we'll do the same thing for the other. Eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed for goth makeup?

Things You Should Know To create a goth complexion, apply a foundation that's 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone, then set your face with a white face powder. Blend black eyeshadow into your crease to create a smokey eye effect. Then, line the top and bottom of your eyes with a Kajal pencil.

What is soft goth makeup?

Majorly focusing on subtle muted glam that doesn't appear too cakey or heavy, this makeup trend is all about striking the right balance. Start off with a base that lends a soft matte focus and adds a dewy fresh radiance to your face.

What makes you look goth?

Shaved heads, synthetic neon dreadlocks, camouflage, tight leather pants, chains, platform boots, stretched body piercings, sleeve tattoos, goggles, corsets, PVC or leather skirts, and black trenchcoats decorated with metal studs are frequently seen on members of this subculture.


How do you apply emo eyeliner?
Right there. And that's how you apply it it's it's. Amazing. So the first thing you need to do is put your eyeliner onto your eyelid.
How to look slightly goth?
Goth Style Accessories
  1. Black hats or bonnets.
  2. Hair bands, necklaces, or hair clips featuring black roses, bats, etc.
  3. Chokers.
  4. Fishnet or lace tights.
  5. Silver or black earrings, as well as other piercings.
  6. Heavy eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, and lipstick.
  7. Dyed or dark hair.

How to do goth eyeliner

How to do grunge eye makeup? How to create grunge eyes
  1. Start with the High Pigment Longwear Eyeliner Pencil in Via Veneto to create the shape before applying a black powder shadow.
  2. A gel liner over the top helped to deepen the intensity further and a liquid liner (try Climax Liquid Liner) at the roots ensured that depth of colour remains.
How to use eyeliner like a goth Draw a thick winged eyeliner on top, add some falsies and completely ignore the bottom lash line. You can add some concealer and powder, but skip mascara. This 

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