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How to get better at eyeliner

How to Get Better at Eyeliner: A Comprehensive Guide to Perfecting Your Look

If you're looking to enhance your makeup skills and achieve flawless eyeliner application, you've come to the right place. This guide on how to get better at eyeliner is designed to provide you with simple yet effective tips and techniques. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to improve your skills, this resource will help you achieve stunning results.

Benefits of "How to Get Better at Eyeliner":

  1. Step-by-Step Instructions:
  • Clear and concise instructions that break down the eyeliner application process into easy-to-follow steps.
  • Detailed guidance on both pencil and liquid eyeliner techniques, catering to personal preferences and skill levels.
  • Tips on holding the eyeliner tool correctly for improved control and precision.
  1. Understanding Eyeliner Types:
  • Thorough explanation of various eyeliner types available, such as pencils, gels, liquids, and pens.
  • Guidance on selecting the right eyeliner formula and texture based on your desired outcome and personal preferences.
  • Information on the pros and cons of each type, empowering you to make informed choices suitable for your needs.
  1. Eyeliner Troubleshooting:
  • Troubleshooting section addressing common issues encountered
Testimonial 1: Name: Emily Johnson Age: 28 City: Los Angeles, CA I have always struggled with applying eyeliner, it was like a mysterious art that I just couldn't master. But thanks to the "how to do eyeliner for dummies" guide, I am now a proud eyeliner pro! This guide breaks down the process in such a simple and fun way that even a complete beginner like me could understand. The step-by-step instructions, along with the helpful tips and tricks, were exactly what I needed to finally achieve that perfect winged liner look. I can't thank the creators of this guide enough, you've truly changed my makeup game! Testimonial 2: Name: Mike Thompson Age: 35 City: New York City, NY As a guy who has zero experience with makeup, I never thought I would find myself searching for "how to do eyeliner for dummies." But hey, you never know when you might need to rock a fierce eyeliner look, right? And boy, am I glad I stumbled upon this guide! It's written in such a witty and amusing manner that it made the whole process of learning eyeliner techniques actually enjoyable. The visuals and explanations were spot on,

What to look for when buying eyeliner?

What to look for in a liquid eyeliner
  • 1) A great applicator. The applicator is going to be one of the biggest reasons you might purchase one liquid eyeliner over another.
  • 2) Complete coverage.
  • 3) Long-lasting wear.
  • 4) Colors that you like.
  • Take your time and find the right liquid eyeliner for you.

How do you get the right eyeliner?

Corner. Like the inner part of the lash. Line. And glide across here it will naturally look slightly thicker there so don't worry about trying to keep the width the same all the way across.

Which type of eyeliner is best?

Gel eyeliners are a makeup-lovers best friend as they are not only used to define the lash line but are also great for applying all over the lid as an eyeshadow base or smudging in the outer corner for a smokey eye makeup look. Gel eyeliners have a high wax content and are waterproof and budge-proof.

What kind of eyeliner suits my eye shape?

Of course, a thin line won't work for the hooded eye shape — the liner will disappear as soon as you open your eyes. So, go for a thicker line towards your outer corners. In terms of a cat-eye, a thicker, winged look accentuates your eye shape the most.

What color eyeliner is best for mature eyes?

While black remains a classic choice, there are a few other eyeliner colours that work exceptionally well for older women. Brown provides a softer and more natural appearance, complementing various skin tones. If you're feeling adventurous, try experimenting with vibrant hues like purple or green.

How do you use Revlon eyeliner pencil?

First I line my upper lash line with a darker shade. Then I use lighter metallic on my lower lash line to open up the eyes blend. It to give the overall look a more smokey effect and that's it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply liquid eyeliner to the bottom of your lid?

And if you have to quickly get on those zoom calls all you have to do is take a little bit of black or brown eyeshadow. And stamp it right below your waterline.

How can I improve my eyeliner skills?

Try lining your eyes with a pencil liner, then layering the liquid on top. This intensifies your lines without requiring the skill of tracing precisely on a blank canvas (i.e., your lids). "While looking down in the mirror, tilt your head back, then steady your drawing arm/elbow on a flat surface," says Loiz.

How do you teach yourself to do eyeliner?

Time the flick. Now with the pencil. I just like to drag. The line don't worry about whether it's sharp or not at this point. Bring it back. And again I'm just going to smudge the top.

Why does my eyeliner not look good on me?

There are many reasons why it may not look good on you. Eye shape/size. I have round small eyes and black eyeliner looks awful in my waterline. Instead I wear a nude colour in my waterline to open my eyes up.

What is the trend in eyeliner in 2023?

Trending Eyeliner Looks in 2023 Boring liner looks are taking a back seat and allowing bold, playful styles to shine. We've seen siren eyes and white eyeliner take off, but the three at the top of our liners-we-love-list are the graphic, metallic, and '90s trends.

What is an eyeliner flick?

Winged eyeliner is typically a thin, straight line of eyeliner drawn along the upper lash line with a subtle flick or wing at the outer corner of the eye.

What are the best tips for eyeliner?

"Start at the outer corners of the eye and draw liner going inward... as close to your lash line as you can. Draw the line slowly and steadily. Fill in any gaps between your lashes with the eyeliner to give the illusion of fuller lashes. If you have any mistakes, clean them up with a Q-tip and makeup remover."

Is it bad to pull your eyes when applying eyeliner?

Don't Pull Your Lid While Applying Eyeliner Many people think that this makes the application simpler and smoother, but that's not really the case. Once you release the eyelid, you'll notice that the line doesn't look that straight anymore. Also, constant pulling on the eyelid can make it droopy and saggy.

How do you apply twist up eyeliner?

Waterline. I like to close my eyes around the eyeliner. And sweep it back and forth on that Outer Edge. And this will create a more of a dramatic.

How do you use Sephora retractable eyeliner?

And just brush through the line that i already. Created. Just build your smudging slowly so it doesn't get too messy. So smudge liner is all about giving a soft smoky.

How do you keep retractable eyeliner sharp?

And here is what I usually do I just drag at the tip of the pencil. Across the blade. Make sure you do it above a tissue or above a sink. And let's just repeat the same trick for green.

How do you apply floating eyeliner?

Because i like a thicker line at the end. And i like more of like a thin precise. Line towards the inner corner. And this is how you get a perfect winged liner.

What is retractable eyeliner used for?

Apply retractable eyeliner along your lash line and waterline for defined eyes. Smudge immediately for a smoky look or allow 30 seconds to set into a smudge-resistant finish. Beauty Tip: Apply eyeliner pencil all over your eyelids as a base for eyeshadow for a dramatic, runway-inspired look.

Should I let my 13 year old wear eyeliner?

There's nothing wrong with wearing eyeliner. But it needs to be the choice of the 13-year-old, and she shouldn't feel pressured into wearing it.


How do you not cry when doing eyeliner?
Use a primer Dabbing on just a little bit of primer all over your lids before applying eyeliner provides a great base for the liner to cling onto and prevent budging. It also helps in evening out your lid to make the liner glide smoothly.
How do you apply eyeliner without tearing it?
So i'm going to skip the lower water line for a minute and we're going to move on to doing the roots of the lashes. Above. So this is basically applying liner to the lash. Line but kind of sweeping.
How to do eyeliner as you age?
6 Eyeliner Tips For Aging Eyes
  1. Create a Transfer Proof Base.
  2. Choose a Soft Eyeliner Pencil Over Liquid.
  3. Choose a Lighter Shade of Eyeliner.
  4. Smudge Your Eyeliner.
  5. Use Eyeliner Sparingly.
  6. Avoid Applying Dark Eyeliner On The Waterline.
What makeup can you wear at 13?
10 Makeup Products for Teens
  • Medium-Coverage Foundation. For an even complexion, start out with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer.
  • Full-Coverage Concealer.
  • Blush.
  • Brow Mascara.
  • Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Mascara.
  • Sheer Lipstick.
  • Lip Gloss.
How to do simple eyeliner for beginners?
And very fine tips like this so you can draw it sharp. It really depends on your eye shape too. But you see this line right here.
How to do different eyeliner styles?
And the lid.
What are the 4 types of eyeliner?
Continue reading to understand the different types of eyeliners and the pros and cons of each.
  • Pencil eyeliner.
  • Liquid eyeliner.
  • Pen eyeliner.
  • Gel eyeliner.
  • Eyeshadow as eyeliner.
How to do eyeliner flick for beginners?
There. And i'm just from that bottom lash line going to give myself a slight little lines like an eyeshadow for stenciling. Okay so do that first. Okay. So i'm just going to do. My little flick.
What is the easiest eyeliner to apply for beginners?
"Similar to writing with a pencil, an eyeliner pencil is the easiest and most fail-proof eyeliner to use for beginners," says Loiz. "Just hold as you would a regular pencil and draw along your lash line.
How do I choose the right eyeliner?
To be certain exactly which colors contrast each other, the use of a color wheel is recommended. Simply locate your natural eye color on the wheel and look for the color on the opposite side. That color will be the eyeliner shade to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes!
Should you get thicker or thinner eyeliner?
Well, eyeliner can be thick or thin, depending on your preference. Some people find that thin black matte eyeliner looks more natural, while others prefer thicker eyeliner for a more dramatic look. There are a few ways that you can make your eyes look bigger using perfect wear eyeliner.
How do you make eyeliner darker?
Type of like a sharpie. So to get that extra black look I put this over top of my eyeliner. But other than that there's another trick. Maybe you've heard of this before maybe you haven't I don't know.
How do I make my eyeliner pencil more pigmented?
Warm it up to darken the pigment If your eyeliner pencil drags a bit on your lid, or if you feel like it is not pigmented enough, then simply heat it on a candle flame for about 10 seconds. Allow it to cool down and then apply it onto your eyelids for a smooth and super-pigmented application.
Why is my eyeliner not pigmented?
There are a couple reasons why your eyeliner has dried out: Maybe it's the quality of the formula you are using or how you store it. (Pros actually recommend storing liquid liners upside-down to keep the brush or felt tip saturated with ink.) Perhaps you forgot to properly re-cap pen or gel.

How to get better at eyeliner

Why is dark eyeliner attractive? This is because eyeliner draws attention to the lash line, which makes the eyes look wider. Second, eyeliner can make your eyes look brighter and more awake. This is because it helps to define the lash line and create a contrast between the eye and the skin.
Does permanent eyeliner get darker? Your permanent eyeliner is going to look about 30% darker on the day it is done than how it will look when it is healed. It may even darken more as the pigments oxidize over the next few days. After about 3 days, your permanent eyeliner will flake and will start to lighten.
Is it okay for a 13 year old to wear eyeliner? Is a 13-year-old girl wearing eyeliner appropriate? Yes. There's nothing wrong with wearing eyeliner. But it needs to be the choice of the 13-year-old, and she shouldn't feel pressured into wearing it.
How to do eyeliner for beginners? Corner. Like the inner part of the lash. Line. And glide across here it will naturally look slightly thicker there so don't worry about trying to keep the width the same all the way across.
Which eyeliner is easy for beginners? A powder eyeliner is natural, soft, and beginner-friendly. It is also great to help sketch a look for a liquid or a gel as a second step. For a powder liner you would need to have a thin, flat liner brush to place the product along the lash line. You can then sketch over if you prefer intensity and more definition.
What makeup should a 13 year old girl wear? Some teens with skin issues may need foundation, but most teenagers don't, Brown says. Opt for tinted moisturizer instead. Also, use concealer for under-eye dark circles and touch-up sticks to cover blemishes, if needed. “Mascara, a touch of blush, sheer lips or lip gloss, and that's really it,” Brown says.
How do you fix bad eyeliner? Box i'm just going to dip it in a little bit of concealer. And go over the liner mistakes to fix them. And it's as easy as that.
How do you get the perfect eyeliner line? Line. And just move along your lash line and if you want to extend your liner. You pretty much do the same you lay your pen or brush flat against your lash line and just drag it.
Why doesn't my eyeliner go on smoothly? The best way to smoothly apply is to slightly pull your eyelid so that it's taught, and then apply using small dashes (from the inner corner, outward). The result will be a smooth, clean line.
Why does my eyeliner smudge so easily? Oily skin can cause your eyeliner to smear. Wash your face before you apply your makeup, or dab an oil blotting sheet on your face to remove excess oils.
Does Vaseline help eyeliner stay on? "Dab a Q-tip into a little Vaseline or petroleum jelly, then rub it along the waterline and tear ducts. This will keep your eyeliner or smokey eye from bleeding," said Sheriff. For an even more flawless finish, Sheriff suggests using a face wipe.
How do you get good at eyeliner fast? Instead looks straight in the mirror. And line your lash line don't Point your liner. Downwards or upwards. Instead laid flat on your lash.
How to do barely there eyeliner? The color slightly upwards with a blending brush after trace that line using a matching powder shadow erase. Any imperfections and blur the lines with a q-tip.
  • How to do eyeliner easy for beginners?
    • And then we're going to do another one here. And then another one in front of that now we're just going to connect.
  • What is the easiest eyeliner method?
    • “The easiest eyeliner technique regardless of your makeup skill level will always be to let your lash line be your guide. Draw a line using small, soft strokes across the lash line. You can do this with a pencil, liquid, or gel.
  • How to put on eyeliner for r
    • Hold it like a pencil turn your hand thumb up close your eye and flex it almost open and feel the tip of brush in the corner of your eye and 
  • How to do perfect straight eyeliner?
    • Eyes it's best to not make the wing too big or too thick. It's just not flattering on me but you can draw it as thick or thin as you prefer i just draw the liner.
  • Why does my eyeliner look messy?
    • You Didn't Set Your Eyeliner Even if you use a waterproof formula, sometimes your eyeliner can still budge, especially when it's applied near your waterline. To prevent your eyeliner from moving, it's important to set your eyeliner in place, just like you use a face powder to set your foundation.
  • How do you get precise eyeliner?
    • "Whether you want to do a sharp liquid liner flick or a smudgy smokey wing, the best way to make sure your eyeliner looks perfect every time is to sketch it out first with your eyes open," she says. "I suggest using a sharpened pencil eyeliner or neutral eyeshadow on a small precise brush to do this.
  • What is the secret to good eyeliner?
    • Keep scrolling for 10 game-changing eyeliner tips for beginners.
      1. 01 of 10. Start With Pencil.
      2. 02 of 10. Layer Your Formulas.
      3. 03 of 10. Connect the Dashes.
      4. 04 of 10. Clench Your Toes (Seriously)
      5. 05 of 10. Flick, Then Connect.
      6. 06 of 10. Clean Up.
      7. 07 of 10. Try Tightlining.
      8. 08 of 10. Set Your Eyeliner.
  • How to do perfect eyeliner for beginners?
    • I'm going to be using a hard angled brush. I'm going to make sure that I draw the line with my hard angled brush. And what's really great about this is you can use the brush.
  • How to do eyeliner as a beginner?
    • But if you're using a liquid liner i recommend not drawing a line because that can smudge. And now i'm simply joining the points. And from that midpoint that i've marked on the wing.
  • How do I choose eyeliner for beginners?
    • Start With Pencil We'll give you our best advice: Pick a pencil. Why? Because it's the easiest and a great starting point for eyeliner beginners. A smooth pencil glides on easily, doesn't tug, and is more forgiving with shaky hands than liquid or gel.
  • Why does eyeliner doesn't look good on me?
    • There are many reasons why it may not look good on you. Eye shape/size. I have round small eyes and black eyeliner looks awful in my waterline. Instead I wear a nude colour in my waterline to open my eyes up.
  • How do you apply eyeliner when you can't see?
    • Part you want to look outwards. Then move your mirror to do the outer. Part making sure you're always looking in the opposite. Direction and that way it isn't as sensitive. And isn't as ticklish.
  • What eyeliner is easiest for beginners?
    • A powder eyeliner is natural, soft, and beginner-friendly. It is also great to help sketch a look for a liquid or a gel as a second step. For a powder liner you would need to have a thin, flat liner brush to place the product along the lash line. You can then sketch over if you prefer intensity and more definition.

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