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What color is selena gomez hair

Selena Gomez just debuted her new platinum-blonde hair.

What color are Selena Gomez's eyes?

Her normal eye color is an intensely dark brown, so wearing contacts in a shade slightly lighter allowed her eyes to really pop. This isn't the first time Gomez has worn colored contacts for an event.

What is Selena Gomez hairstyle?

Look at her now: Selena Gomez has entered a new beauty era. The Only Murders in the Building star recently kissed her chest-length tresses goodbye and a debuted sleek bob haircut. Selena showcased her dramatic transformation at her inaugural Rare Impact Fund Benefit on Oct. 4.

What does platinum blonde hair look like?

Platinum blonde is a very light hair color that does not have much pigment in it. Such blond looks very pale and can be cool or warm-toned.

Is Selena Gomez's hair natural?

Selena Gomez Showed Off Her Natural Hair & Skin In a Series of Unretouched Selfies.

Has Selena Gomez ever dyed her hair?

Gomez has previously dyed her hair blond in 2017 and 2021.

What hair color is selena gomez

Nov 27, 2023 — Actor and Rare Beauty founder Selena Gomez debuted new warm honey blonde highlights while on a trip to Paris. Her hair now features bright 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which haircut does Selena Gomez have?

The hairstyle isn't your classic bob, being closer to a long bob but reaching the shoulders, hence the name shob ('shoulder' and 'bob'). Selena Gomez wore her hair in a classic, sleek style with a middle part, bucking the popular Italian bob trend which often sees a side part used to create volume.

What was Selena's favorite hairstyle?

Selena was such a big fan of the intricate ringlet high bun that she wore in her “No Me Queda Mas” music video, that she actually ended up copying the hairstyle (and rewearing her glamorous gown from the video) for the 1995 Grammy awards.


What is selena gomez hair color called
Selena Gomez Hair ; Izumi Hasegawa / · Dark Brown Pinned-Back Shoulder Length Sideswept Bangs · Clairol Professional Textures and Tones Hair Color in 
How often does Selena Gomez wash her hair?
Once every four days Wash Less, For Better Results The old wives tale is true - washing your hair less is actually better for it. According to an interview with Allure, Selena washes her hair once every four days. She says: "I have thick hair, so it gets better the less I wash it.

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