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What is the magnetic eyeshadow palette

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What is the Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette? A Comprehensive Review

The magnetic eyeshadow palette has become increasingly popular in the beauty industry. With its unique magnetic feature, this innovative palette offers numerous benefits that make it a must-have for makeup enthusiasts. In this review, we will explore the positive aspects of the magnetic eyeshadow palette, its benefits, and suitable conditions for its use.

I. Positive Aspects of the Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette:

  1. Sleek and Compact Design:

    • The magnetic eyeshadow palette boasts a sleek and compact design, making it perfect for traveling or on-the-go touch-ups.
    • Its slim profile allows for easy storage and organization, ensuring your eyeshadows are always readily accessible.
  2. Customizable Palette:

    • Unlike traditional eyeshadow palettes, the magnetic design allows for easy customization.
    • You can mix and match eyeshadow shades to create your own personalized palette, eliminating the need to carry multiple bulky palettes.
  3. Easy to Use:

    • The magnetic feature ensures that eyeshadow pans securely attach to the palette, preventing any accidental spills or messes.
    • The smooth magnetic surface makes it effortless to rearrange or replace eyeshadows as desired.


The pans themselves can be round, square or rectangular, and come in a range of sizes. The most common are 26mm and 37mm round pans. Most of these products are in tin pans, which will stick to a magnetic palette perfectly. However, MAC pans are aluminium (much cheaper than tin), which are not attracted to magnets.

Are Z palettes magnetic?

The patented Large Z Palette is the first empty makeup palette of its kind with both a clear window and an open magnetic base.

Are too faced eyeshadow palettes magnetic?

The shadows in the Sweet peach palette are housed in a rectangular metal case with a magnetic closure. The magnet doesn't feel particularly strong, but at least it doesn't open up when I hold the palette by its lid. As usual, Too Faced's kitschy and childish packaging gets me again.

Are ColourPop eyeshadows magnetic?

Our large empty palette has a magnetic base to hold your shadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters.

Do you put magnetic eyeliner or eyeshadow first?

Regardless of the lash type, magnetic or strip lash falsies. It is always best to do the eyeshadow first to prevent any powder fallout on your lashes. Imagine wearing a bold colour as an eyeshadow and seeing some bits of eyeshadow in your lashes? (Who wants dusty looking lashes???)

Is Colourpop magnetic?

Our large empty palette has a magnetic base to hold your shadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. Stay organized! Holds up to 24 Pressed Powder Shadows.

Are ColourPop pans magnetic?

I really like that ColourPop palettes are magnetic and it's something that adds value to the palettes for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot does Z Potter get?

The Z Potter has 5 temperature settings, to ensure complete control while de-potting your makeup. The first setting is 150° Fahrenheit. Setting 2 is 225°; setting 3 is 300°; setting 4 is 350°; and setting 5 is 400°.

How do you display eyeshadow palettes?

And it's so easy to just grab my palette. That I want for the day. And then just put on my makeup. I don't really like it inside of storage bins or drawers. Because you try to keep it organized.

Which eyeshadows are magnetic?

LaRoc Shadow Bed Palette. Strong magnetic palette base that will keep makeup pans secure. Allows you to create your own unique magnetic eyeshadow palette containing your favorite makeup and shades.


Are Colourpop eyeshadows magnetic?
Our large empty palette has a magnetic base to hold your shadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters.
Which pans are magnetic?
If the pan has magnetic stainless steel, cast iron, enameled iron, or nickel base you can use it with induction cooktops. However, if the nonstick pan is made from one of the unapproved materials (such as aluminum), the pan will not be compatible with the cooktop.

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