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What to do after botox and filler

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What to Do After Botox and Fillers: A Guide to Optimal Results

After undergoing Botox and filler treatments, it is essential to follow a proper post-treatment care routine to ensure the best possible results. This guide will provide you with valuable information on what to do after your Botox and filler procedures. Let's delve into the positive aspects and benefits of following an effective post-treatment plan.

  1. Immediate Post-Treatment Care:
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the treated areas.
  • Remain upright for at least four hours after the injections.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive heat exposure for 24 hours.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol for 24 hours.
  1. Ice Application:
  • Applying ice packs or cold compresses can help reduce any swelling or bruising.
  • Use a clean cloth or ice pack wrapped in a towel to avoid direct contact.
  1. Gentle Cleansing:
  • Cleanse your face gently with a mild cleanser.
  • Avoid any harsh exfoliants or scrubs.
  • Pat dry the treated areas instead of rubbing.
  1. Sun Protection:
  • Shield your treated areas from direct sunlight.
  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed
In the first 24 hours following treatment, limit exposure to sunlight or UV lamps. Extensive sun or heat exposure and alcoholic beverages may cause a temporary increase in redness, bruising or swelling at the injection sites.

What must you not do after Botox?

You should avoid rubbing and touching your face after Botox for many reasons. One is to reduce the risk of infection at the injection site, and others can include the risk of migration. You should also avoid other beauty treatments for the next few days.

How long does it take for Botox and fillers to settle?

The best results of dermal fillers are seen typically 1 to 2 weeks post treatment with some of the swelling and bruising dissipating by then. It could take up to 4 weeks for everything to completely settle down, at which point you will notice the results you're expecting.

What is the recovery time for Botox and fillers?

How Long Does It Take To Recover From BOTOX & Fillers? BOTOX and dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM® involve little to no recovery downtime. You can return to work and your usual activities the same day of your appointment.

What is forbidden after filler?

Until the swelling and redness have resolved, avoid intense heat in the treated area(s). This includes sunbathing, tanning, saunas, hot tubs, or hot wax. To help alleviate swelling, we recommend an antihistamine during the day, such as Zyrtec or Claritin, and Benadryl at night.

What should you not do after Botox?

Top 7 Things Not To Do After Botox
  • Rubbing Your Face.
  • Going Under The Sun And Strong Heat.
  • 3 .
  • Taking Blood Thinners.
  • Drinking Alcohol.
  • Washing Your Face With Soap.
  • Applying Any Topical Products Or Ointments On Your Face Immediately After The Procedure.
  • Lying Down On Your Face For The First Few Hours After Treatment.

What happens after you stop getting Botox?

Once Botox wears off your skin will eventually go back to baseline, or your natural skin appearance. While it might seem like your wrinkles are worse than they were before, the truth is that you have likely forgotten what you looked like with your natural wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anything mess up Botox?

The don'ts Do not rub or massage the treated area and avoid make-up if possible. Do not have any beauty treatments on your face e.g. facials, facial massage for 2 weeks- this may cause the injected solution to spread to nearby muscles.

How long should I move my face after Botox?

After you get Botox, your doctor will caution you to avoid touching your face for at least the first 4 hours. Adding any pressure could cause the Botox to migrate from where it was injected. It's also recommended your avoid touching your face because the area might still be sensitive and prone to discomfort.

How can I make Botox last longer?

How Can You Make Botox Last Longer?
  1. Be Gentle With Your Face for Two Days.
  2. Sleep On Your Back.
  3. Exercise the Treated Muscles.
  4. Schedule Regular Injection Sessions.
  5. Seek Treatment From a Reputable Provider.
  6. Don't Exercise Immediately After Treatment.
  7. Limit UV Exposure.
  8. Get a Good Workout In.

What can you not do after Botox and fillers?

Here's what not to do after your Botox or dermal filler treatment:
  • Don't Spend Too Much Time in the Sun.
  • Don't Head Straight to the Gym.
  • Don't Take a Yoga Class.
  • Don't Take a Nap.
  • Don't Use Makeup.
  • Don't Use Facial Tools.
  • Don't Get a Massage.
  • Don't Rub or Touch Your Face.


What not to do 48 hours after Botox?
Avoid heat exposure for 24 to 48 hours, which includes hot showers, tanning beds, hot tubs, and saunas. While alcohol consumption after Botox is not usually a risk, it is recommended you not drink alcohol for 24 hours as a precautionary measure. Alcohol is a blood-thinner, so it could potentially exacerbate bruising.
What not to do 24 hours after Botox?
If possible, stay out of direct sunlight. Ideally, what not to do 24 hours after Botox treatment includes refraining from vigorous exercise and not drinking alcohol.
Who should not do Botox?
Those who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, breastfeeding, allergic to cow's milk protein or have a neurological disease should not get Botox. If you have any questions or concerns about your medical history, you should check with your doctor before undergoing a Botox procedure.
Who is the best person to go to for Botox?
Look for board-certified physicians. Whether they're a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, you must look for board-certified experts. Both dermatologists and plastic surgeons have the necessary training to handle possible complications with Botox injections.

What to do after botox and filler

What is the aftercare for Botox? No rubbing or massaging of the injected area for 4 hours after treatment, including facials. No strenuous exercise for 24 hours after treatment. Keep upright for 4 hours — no lying on your front. Minimise activities such as shoe shopping.
What should you not do after getting Botox? Top 7 Things Not To Do After Botox
  1. Rubbing Your Face.
  2. Going Under The Sun And Strong Heat.
  3. 3 .
  4. Taking Blood Thinners.
  5. Drinking Alcohol.
  6. Washing Your Face With Soap.
  7. Applying Any Topical Products Or Ointments On Your Face Immediately After The Procedure.
  8. Lying Down On Your Face For The First Few Hours After Treatment.
Why should Botox be avoided? If you are in poor general health, your skin is very thick or you have existing muscle weakness in the proposed injection site, you may not be a good candidate for Botox. Patients with sensitive skin may experience an allergic reaction at the injection site.
What is the best thing to do after Botox? No strenuous exercise for 24 hours after treatment. Keep upright for 4 hours — no lying on your front. Avoid headwear that is tightly fitted across the forehead. Reduce excessive alcohol consumption or medically necessary blood-thinning medication before the treatment to prevent bruising.
  • How long after Botox and filler can I shower?
    • You should avoid hot showers, baths and hot tubs for 24 hours after having Botox®.
  • What should I do immediately after filler?
    • A few of the steps you should take after your dermal filler appointment include the following:
      • Stay hydrated.
      • Apply ice.
      • Take pain medication.
      • Elevate your head.
      • Don't sleep on your face.
      • Don't apply makeup.
      • Don't exercise right away.
      • Avoid hot temperatures.
  • How long after fillers can I wash my face?
    • Avoid pressure on the treated area for 6 hours after treatment. During the post filler stage (after your injections) the area can be washed gently with soap and water, but do not scrub or exfoliate. Do not apply makeup or any other cosmetic product for at least 2 hours after your treatment.

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