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What year did sleeping beauty mine close?

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"What Year Did Sleeping Beauty Mine Close?" – A Comprehensive Answer

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The Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine was named after the mountain range where it is located, which from a distance is said to resemble a sleeping woman with her arms crossed. Increased government regulations and mining costs led to the mine's closure in 2012.

Is Sleeping Beauty turquoise rare?

Today, with the mine closed and no plans to reopen, this turquoise is only found in small quantities and is only used by native silversmith to create jewelry with small cabochons of Sleeping Beauty turquoise. The fact that the turquoise is not mined makes it as rare as it is precious and sought-after.

Where was the Sleeping Beauty mine?

Globe, Arizona The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine is located near Globe, Arizona, east of Phoenix. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is known for its solid sky-blue color and lack of host rock matrix webbing.

Why is Sleeping Beauty turquoise so expensive?

Re: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Michael Valitutti on Evine/shophq describes it as closing the pores of the Stone. There were some areas of the Bisbee mine in Arizona where the turquoise was hard naturally. The natural hardness and amazing color are what made Bisbee turquoise so valuable.

Is there any turquoise left?

There are good amounts of American Turquoise still in the ground and when the time is right it will be mined again. Until then, you can expect Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry to escalate in value and become a little scarce!

Why are turquoise mines closed?

The U.S. Government has new restrictions on mining and this makes it difficult to even search for Turquoise in the United States. The cost of mining has escalated dramatically as well, mining permits, fuel and general costs of running the mining equiptment has went up exponentially.

Is turquoise still being mined in US?

Demand grew rapidly, and mines popped up all over the Southwest. The majority of the original mines have closed, however mining is still done in the Southwestern states, such as Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Most turquoise mines in the US are located in Arizona and Nevada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine close?

While the Sleeping Beauty mine produced a bountiful amount of turquoise over the years, the Sleeping Beauty mine was closed around 2012, due to rising costs to access the turquoise deposit.

How can you tell if Sleeping Beauty turquoise is real?

A good test is to check out the lines on the Turquoise – on genuine Turquoise and on dyed Howlite, these lines will be sunk into the stone itself. On some fake pieces, they are painted or dyed on and cannot be felt with a fingernail.

When did sleeping beauty turquoise mine closed

The Sleeping Beauty Mine closed in the early '60s and over the last decade was reopened to mine copper and turquoise. Now the Sleeping Beauty Mine is the 

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