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Who plays seojun in true beauty

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Who Plays Seojun in True Beauty? - A Brief Review

In the popular K-drama series "True Beauty," one of the key characters is Seojun, a captivating and talented young actor. This article aims to provide a simple and easy-to-understand overview of the actor who plays Seojun, highlighting the positive aspects and benefits of his portrayal. Whether you are a fan of the show or simply curious, this review will answer your questions.

  1. The Actor: Hwang In-yeop
  • Hwang In-yeop is the talented actor who brings Seojun to life in True Beauty.
  • With his charming looks and outstanding acting skills, he captivates viewers and adds depth to the character.
  • Hwang In-yeop's natural talent and ability to convey emotions convincingly make him a perfect fit for the role.
  1. Positive Aspects:
  • Excellent Acting Skills: Hwang In-yeop's portrayal of Seojun is both realistic and relatable. He expertly showcases the character's emotional range, from vulnerability to strength, making viewers empathize with Seojun's journey.
  • Chemistry with Co-stars: Hwang In-yeop's on-screen chemistry with other actors enhances
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGrey
RelativesHan Gowoon

How tall is Seojun?

Kim Seo-jun
Personal information
Place of birthSouth Korea
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Team information

Did Jugyeong ever like Seojun?

Dating Seojun made her finally try a relationship/forget about Suho. While they did date Jugyeong did grow feelings for him. This led her to say she did not have any feelings for Suho because she pushed them away at the time. New relationship=Happiness at the beginning.

Who will play Seojun in True Beauty?

Hwang In-Youp Hwang In-Youp: Han Seo Jun.

Who is better Suho or Seojun?

team suho. for sure. i love my boy seojun but he's totally presented differently in the drama vs webtoon (imo). it's not really fair that they give all the good seojun scenes to suho (INCLUDING THE KISS!) but still…

Who was Seojun from True Beauty inspired from?

The three main characters in the webtoon, JuGyung, SuHo and SeoJoon, are rumoured to be inspired after celebrities SeolHyun of AOA, Cha EunWoo of ASTRO, and VIINII respectively.

Is Seojun a Kpop Idol?

Seojun (서준) is a South Korean Singer currently under NEBULA+. He was a member of the Boy Group U*NITE. He is a member of the boy group ASTERISM, after ranking 9th on the survival show Planetary Boys 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is seojun from true beauty

Hwang In-youp ; (1991-01-19) January 19, 1991 (age 32). Uijeongbu, South Korea · Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School.

How tall is lim ju kyung?

Height: 169cm 56 JuGyeong is the main protagonist of the story True Beauty. Through YouTube she masters the art of makeup changing her look completely.

How old is Seo Joon?

34 years (December 16, 1988)Park Seo-joon / Age


Who is Seo Jun in True Beauty?
Seojun Han is an idol trainee at ST Entertainment. He is Jugyeong Lim's ex-boyfriend and was best friends with Suho Lee in middle school.
How tall is seojun from true beauty
Height. 187 cm (6'1”) ; Hair color. Black ; Eye color. Gray 

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